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Using a blend of ingredients including high levels of wax, this product has been formulated to be easy in application and polishing off. It gives a deep, long lasting wax protection thanks to its inclusion of Carnauba wax and gently removes marks and light scratches with ease leaving your bike looking cleaner for longer

Detailing finesse your pride and joy deserves

Key Features
Carnauba Wax gives a long-lasting deep gloss which repels water.
Streak free finish
Dust free formulation
Leaves your bike looking cleaner for longer
Safe on all types of paintwork
Not tested on animals
Available in 250ml and 500ml

1. Shake Mint Bike Polish well before use
2. Apply by putting the Mint Bike Polish onto a soft, lint free cloth
3. Using circular motions apply a thin layer to the desired area
4. Allow to dry to a light bloom, then with a clean, lint free cloth polish to a deep shine

N.B. Do not use in direct sunlight or apply directly onto hot paintwork


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