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Mint Bike Wash is now available in a concentrated solution. Just dilute with water to make the correct strength of Mint Bike Wash, minimising plastic waste and reducing cost.

An all-purpose cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt and grime quickly, resulting in a bright and clean finish to your bike.

The cleaning power your pride and joy deserves.

Key Features
• High performance biodegradable formulation
• 1l bottle of Mint Bike Wash Concentrate makes 4l of Mint Bike Wash (when diluted)
• Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, plastics, rubber and carbon fibre
• Leaves a bright and clean finish
• Mint scented
• Biodegradable
• Not tested on animals
• Also available: Mint Bike Wash in-store Refill Station 20l container with dispensing tap

Directions for Use
1. Place 250ml of Mint Bike Wash Concentrate into an empty Mint Bike Wash 1 litre bottle.
2. Add 750ml of cold water into bottle and secure trigger spray onto bottle.
3. Shake bottle well to mix the water and Bike Wash Concentrate.
4. Rinse the bike thoroughly before applying Mint Bike Wash.
5. Spray on Mint Bike Wash and leave for a few minutes. Use an Oxford cleaning brush to ensure an even coverage. Agitate areas with heavy dirt deposits.
6. Rinse with clean water and then wipe with a lint free cloth until dry.


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